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Screen 3 by alimei Screen 3 :iconalimei:alimei 0 4
I wont do it
I wont do it.
What we shared will stay sacred and special.
I wont bother you with all my questions.
WHY, is a question that keeps putting itself on repeat.
I wont do it.
I wont contact you, but I will hold my breath until you contact me.
You're picking the phone up over and over again.
Dialing all the numbers but the last one.
Driving yourself insane wondering where I am.
What I might be doing and if Im thinking of you.
You already know that answer, but you want to HEAR me say it.
HEAR me, watch my lips move and my eyes blink.
Watch signs that make me distinctively human.
So they might prove I'm not the heartless wretch you think I am.
Well, I'm not but I wont do it.
What is it inside you thta makes it so hard to deal with me?
Is it the fact that you know it should of never happened?
This joining of two hearts that were neither ready for such a commitment?
We both knew but went along with it anyway.
Like fools in the midst we were tricked.
Tricked into thinking we had a chance together
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
Suddenly it becomes really easy to write.
With a few choice words my thought run like a dozen wild horses.
I wonder why it is that you choose to say things like these?
I tell myself it's to make you feel better about yourself when I'm really low.
But it's really not...
You do is so I'll bury my pen deep in the paper.
Deep in the paper at the sheer rudeness of your actions and words.
Nothing will make it go away.
It will simply run its course....and then just like me suddenly it will be easy to think harshly of yourself.
But I wont push these thoughts on you.
For the worst thoughts one can possibly have, are those that come without warning.
Suddenly without warning.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
What is it?
What is it?
This thing....?
This thing you demand from me.
Slowly like a puzzle I'll figure it all out.
Putting all the pieces together one by one.
Rearranging when this dosen't feel right.. dosen't feel "on".
What is it?
Thing that causes doubt, fear, and angst all at the same time?
What is it that makes me human...?
What is it that makes me wish I wasn't?
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
In the Silence
In the silence I must admit, I thought it would be easier to walk away.
I tried.
I really tried.
I feel like a newborn struggling to feel carpet glide across his feet.
The surface isnt sticky, but yet I find myself stuck.
In the silence I feel a bit lonely, but I try to tell myself that everything will soon be okay.
In the darkness of silence my dreams haunt my every being, clawing, scratching, and beating themselves back into my concious thought process: into my mind and memory all over again.
All over again...
All over again in the silence, on and on, never resting, never breakng, never asking permission.
In this silence I really did try, but I fell..and no one was here to catch me.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
Endless Ribbon
Like an endless ribbon my life bends, ties, and stretches.
Bends gently to reveal something.
Bends to show me everything isnt just a dream.
Ties into a seemless vision, seemless enough to cause commotion in everything I've ever believed in.
Stretches until the point of no return.
I'm stretched and cannot go back into my original shape.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
On the bottom
It's lonely on the bottom.
I'm just trying to find my way back.
To you.
Right beside you.
But will I make it?
It's lonely once the feeling wears off.
Stinging where the feeling was.
Trying to find something to replace it desperately.
Searching and looking.
Perhaps yearning.
You already know that though.
I have NO evidence that I ever felt complete.
I wonder.
I wander like a child lost at a carnival.
I look so hard.
Never to be rewarded with the sweet feeling of safety.
Nothing is ever guaranteed or promised,
But damn let it just once.
Just once let a miracle happen.
Just once let me believe in faith.
It's so lonely on the bottom.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
Like looking at my reflection in a broken mirror I can't seem to stop staring.
Stop wondering.
Trying to figure it out..
At times falling back, laying, leaning onto the earth for support.
Support in this.
Catch me.
Falling back, laying, leaning, running hair through needy hands.
OH! Release me...
Crawling, inching my way up.
Legs sticking.
Feeling my way as I go.
Do you feel it too.. or am I alone in this?
Alone in this seemless vision, I'm learning to yearn less.
Show me how you do it..I can follow if you give me the chance.
:iconalimei:alimei 2 0
Like Water
Like water falling from a faucet your lips move.
Opening slowly to speak..but I dont want you to.
Let me hear the trickle without interruption.
Trickle softly..
Let it be known.
Silent like leaves without wind.
I can almost hear that look on your face.......
I can almost taste your words......
Like water you cleanse..
Like water you waste.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 1
Thought Lake by alimei Thought Lake :iconalimei:alimei 0 0
I'm scared.
So scared.
So scared you can't handle it.
Get ready to be scared like me.
Dive face first into a swirling world of misery and confusion.
A mind prison if you will.
Feel it overwhelm you as you try to grad hold.
Grab ahold of whatever sanity you can find.
Hold onto it before the swirling torrent rips it away like a toilet flushing.
Please try.
Try please to tell yourself everything  will get better and that these feeling will go away soon.
Become another voice in your head.
Listen it's saying..."You won't be okay!"
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0
I only want your acceptance.
Just a chance to have you understand me.
I fear you won't even try.
I want to go but I'm scared.
Scared to throw away everything we've had and everything we might have.
These words come easily, they've had years to develop.
You sit not knowing.
Poor you.
So unaware that you're not willing to accept me.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 3
Screen 2 by alimei Screen 2 :iconalimei:alimei 0 0
Well you've done it.
You've done it.
You've made it happen.
I hope you feel better about yourself.
I have to wonder what it feels like to make someone fall to pieces?
I am meager in your presence.
You've made it so.
:iconalimei:alimei 2 2
6 a.m.
6 a.m. isn't the perfect time.
But the again when is?
So many thoughts.
I wonder why I let you bring me down, why do I let you bother me?
You don't care about my feelings...or do you?
Making me feel useless and inadequate like a rusty anchor.
I won't go away, I won't run, I won't allow this to happen any longer.
This time I wont stop..I'll keep going.
Why waste this on you?
These thoughts, these emotions, these tries.
I have to find a way to stop caring, stop missing, stop trying.
6 a.m. is the perfect time to let you go.
:iconalimei:alimei 2 1
How can you
How can you just sit there and watch this?
How can you watch our future fade away?
How can you watch me this unhappy?
You know I am.
You always do, but still you just sit there/
Sit there and watch it go.
I dare you to sit here and watch me go.
:iconalimei:alimei 0 0

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A new year brings changes.. in me, my life, and my work. I hope in this new year those of you who have rode with me and encouraged will continue to do so.. thank you for all your support. A lot of new writings are coming very soon..goodbye friends :glomp:


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